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What Makes CNTI Distinct

Cross-industry structure

At CNTI’s foundation is a broad array of independent, multi-disciplinary experts in news, technology, public policy and research who care deeply about addressing these issues and worry about the consequences if we don’t. We believe independent media and an open internet lead to better informed citizens. We believe they reinforce the democratic principles of open societies. Where there are challenges, we believe in tackling such challenges together, with respect for each other’s expertise, varied perspectives and honest differences. See our current board members and advisors from around the world.

Global outlook

Media and technology-related policy in one country can have an impact in many others. CNTI, therefore, believes in assessing internet policy from a global perspective. The most intense pressure points of any issue vary across countries and change over time, but debates about policies in one country must consider the impact of those policies in other countries. See our Aggregated Country Data and Issue Primers noting legislative activity around the world.

Comprehensive approach

CNTI recognizes the breadth, interconnectedness and complexity of the issues we face in our digital information environment. CNTI embraces a comprehensive approach to the key challenges facing an independent press and an open internet. Learn more about CNTI’s issues.


CNTI’s digital resources – including event summaries, research, issue primers and other aggregated data – will be practical, comprehensive, easily understandable and readily available to a broad range of stakeholders. Each Issue Primer addresses the topic’s complexity, critical research findings, legislative debates, global events and identifies subject matter leaders of note. CNTI synthesizes key takeaways and provides links for deeper reading, watching or listening. Sources of research and data will be fully transparent. Read about our methods and standards here.

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